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Make Your Mark

Aug 8, 2018

“You’ve got to be willing to fight for your dream. And it’s not gonna be easy. It’s always going to be hard. It’s not about the dream, it’s about the person you become through the fighting. ”

Today’s guest will make anyone who feels their dreams are out of reach think twice. Ruben Gonzalez is a four-time Olympian, a highly sought after professional keynote speaker and a bestselling author. Ruben sat on the bench on his college soccer team, but decided at the age of 21 to compete in the Olympics. He went on to become the only person to ever compete in four Winter Olympics, each in a different decade.  

“You have to be willing to humble yourself to the advice of someone who has already been there. Not a theorist, not someone who has just written all the books, but someone who has already done ‘that.’”

But that’s not all, folks. When I first spoke with Ruben a few months ago, I was expecting a 15 minute intro and chat. It turned into 90 minutes of us sharing stories, advice, and him offering me guidance using his, nearly two decades, of speaking experience. Not only is Ruben a genuinely nice guy, but is all about sharing his expertise!

“It’s all about addressing the reader. You aren’t writing to the ‘audience,’ but to the ‘individual.’”

And sharing advice and insight is what you will hear throughout this episode with Ruben! He shares his rise from being a benchwarmer in school sports to competing in the Winter Olympics in four different decades...incredible! You must hear his story, it will absolutely inspire you to keep pushing towards any goals you find are elusive. Tune in now!

Some Topics we talk about in this episode:

  • Introduction - 0:54
  • Ruben’s Story - 3:20
  • Ruben and the Olympics - 9:45
  • How Ruben Has Made His Mark- 14:20
  • Strategies to Maximize Effectiveness- 17:46
  • How to Get Hired- 23:50
  • Connect with Ruben- 37:23
  • Hiring a Coach - 41:48
  • Wrap-up and Takeaways - 46:30

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